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Engaged Minds Academy is a math and science centric virtual tutoring company that pushes students to not only become better students but better people. We aim to ensure every student feels comfortable enough with their tutor to show their inner confidence during every session. Let us be the key to your kiddo having an engaged mind!

A positive mindset is the first step to an engaged mind.

Do you need EMA?

Is your kiddo needing extra help to achieve their academic goal?

At Engaged Minds Academy, we get to know each kiddo in order to foster the best possible tutor/tutee relationship. We strive to create an inclusive, supportive and safe space for every student to unleash their greatest potential.



Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Math Applications, Math Literacy.

Study Skills

We use a “university-curated” learning style assessment.

Test Preparation

We aid students in preparing for the SAT, ACT, TSI, & GED.


Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Anatomy & Physiology.
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Every parent has a personal consultation performed to see if EMA would be a good fit for their student.

Learning Style Assessment

This assessment allows for EMA (& the parent) to understand what is the best method of teaching for each student.

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Tutor & Tutee Assignment

Learning style, schedule, and teaching fashion are all factors in choosing which tutor would benefit the student the best.


EMA monitors the progress of each student by their grades, confidence, and comfortability with academic material.

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Once per nine weeks/quarter, EMA will collect previous student notes and have a meeting with parents to determine the next steps in their student’s tutoring.

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About EMA

Engaged Minds Academy is a virtual tutoring company that caters to middle school aged students and up to adult learners. We focus on assistance for math, science, and test preparation. Every student is treated as the individual that they are. Every session should feel like a reunion with an old friend.


Our Mission is to deploy a holistic approach to learning-positive mental attitude, confidence, independence, customized learning tools, critical thinking, and accountability- our clients will achieve educational outcomes beyond what they could have ever imagined.


To inspire students in a specialized learning environment that enables committed students to achieve their greatest academic desires, while becoming their best selves.


Test Preparation

Strategy is the most important aspect when it comes to preparing for standardized tests.

Preparation is not “one size fits all” at EMA! We use the learning style assessement to not only determine the best tutor but the best practice methods. Learning environments can make or break a student when it comes to standardized test. Let us find the perfect tutor for your kiddo so that they can prepare in the best way.

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We offer a wide variety of assistance in math subjects from middle and into college.

We teach math in a manner that allows the kiddo to pick which method resonates with them the most. It’s extremely important for us to ensure that students follows the instructions of their teacher to get the highest score possible. However, we goal is for every student to understand the material at a fundamental level.


Study Skills

We use a “university-curated” learning style assessment to determine the best learning environment for each student that goes beyond the traditional auditory, kinetic, or visual descriptions.

This assessment allows us to aid students with creating better note-taking systems, study habits, and enhancing learning potential. It informs our tutors how to approach your kiddo with new information, how to get them to process it quicker, and how to retain it in a beneficial way. Let us set your kiddo up for success in their academic career.

Lady thinking about mathematical formulas
Girls are preparing microscopes for testing and analysis


We offer a wide variety of assistance in science subjects from middle and into college.

We use a variety of medias to ensure that your kiddo fully understands the science concepts. Most importantly, we apply all science concepts to real life applications so that each students understands its importance.

Job Opportunities


Is your specialty in the STEM field? Are you passionate about teaching the next generation? Are you looking to make extra funds as an online instructor? If you answered yes, to those questions, please email your resume to We would love to see if you’re a good fit for our team!

Client Relations Specialist

Are you passionate about aiding helping adolescents reach their highest potential? Do you have a natural tendency to motivate and support others? Are you a clerical genius looking for a new home? If you answered yes, to those questions, please email your resume to We would love to see if you’re a good fit for our team!

What People Are Saying

Tutoring at its best. Dominique is caring and fun to work with. Your kids will love her and learn so much!

Thersa Couch

Highly recommend Dominique with Engaged Minds Academy! She has been working with my girls for over a year! She is super accommodating, reliable & very personable! She has provided the best tutoring service we have ever had. Dominique really knows how to connect with her students!

Heather S.

I’m so glad you’re working with my son. He seems to really like his tutor and enjoys each session. He told me today that he is starting to understand the concepts that he worked on with you. So I know that is a major confidence booster. He even told me that “he needs this”! I am extremely happy that we are working with EMA!

D. Edwards

About the Owner

Dominique R. Benson stumbled into teaching due to the encouragement of her undergraduate mentor. She is a trained organic chemist that fell in love with tutoring. She has performed research in multiple discplines including virology, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and microbiology. She is a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana with a double major in biochemistry and microbiology. She then went on to attend University of Alabama at Birmingham and completed her masters in Biomedical Sciences studying premature termination codons in Cystic Fibrosis patients. Her 8 years of research has prepared her for the ups and downs of teens attempting to navigate difficult concepts that subjects that seem to have little relevance to the real world. Her magic with students lies in understanding their perspective and relating it to aspects of their life. Dominique wants every kiddo to see the magic that lies within the STEM field.

Learning Style Assessment

Want to determine the best environment for your kiddo to learn? Complete our “university-curated” learning style assessment that tests 12 different aspects of your kiddos learning style.

ACT/SAT Diagnostic Test

Are you having a hard time determining which standardized test that your kiddo should take to show their capabilities? This diagnostic test will show their projected score on both exams, it’s equivalency to the other exam, and their weak areas.

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